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I am learning how to play squash

I am a reasonably competent golfer, I can lift heavy things, and I can manipulate my body composition via exercise and diet when I am so inclined. What I can't do yet is play squash. I can't dance either but first things first...

It is exhilarating to learn a new pattern of movements especially when the immediate payoff is such a satisfying "smack" (or "squash" as the legend goes) when the stars align and ball hits sweetspot, hugs the sidewall, and lands deep in the corner. It's also invigorating to feel sore in muscles I know I have. At this point in my life, there aren't too many muscles that I've never felt but it's always cool to get them to react in ways I didn't expect. The body is a remarkably specific machine. The same arm that can make it through a gym workout, a strongman workout, or 36 holes of golf without issue, is the same arm that's sore the next day after a low intensity, 60 minute long, beginner's squash les…

My video interview

My good friend Josh Hewett interviewed me for his blog. Here's the interview.

an example of the "money blueprint" at work

My good friend Josh Hewett loaned me a book called, "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker. Since I'm not a millionaire, I figured there might be a tidbit or three in there that I could learn.

I'm not halfway through the book and today I experienced an example of what Eker calls the "money blueprint." The money blueprint is basically how one is programmed to handle money. It's like the firmware in your iPod or PS3. It's in there but it's not hardwired and can be changed if you know how to do it--or if the manufacturer sends an update, not an option with us humans though.

Through the site Craigslist (no relation, lol) I had contracted to buy a used Jump Stretch platform. If you don't know what that is, it's a metal plate with some fittings on the sides that allow you to attach jump stretch bands. In the end, it's not really that important what it was, only that I wanted it, the price was right and the seller agreed to s…

Make it fun

Here's a couple of videos from when I started training with Team Barbarian. It's great to have the support of others when you're making that first step. I am grateful for the help I received and continue to receive from team founder Josh Hewett and the other team members. I would not be where I am on my journey to vitality if not for their help, motivation, and support.

I chose powerlifting and strongman as my facilitators back into the vital lifestyle but you can choose whatever you find fun. Most people re-discover activities that they long ago discarded when their energy levels dropped after years of inactivity. Whatever you do, make it fun and enjoy the journey!

Driving a desk does not improve your health!

It took 17 years of me driving a desk to realize that my passion didn't lie within the promotion of the products and services that my former employer offered. I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with my employees and our customers but over time I felt that something was missing. The tipping point, quite literally, was sheer tonage. Or, more accurately, discovering that I was exactly one pound shy of the 300 lb mark. Once upon a time, I was a strong, vital, young adult who played many recreational sports and competed at state level in powerlifting. While I was lucky that the passage of time had only resulted in the accumulation of many, many pounds of bodyfat, I knew from my previous fitness background that at the age of 41, I was on the way to joint problems, cardiovascular disease, and type II diabetes.

Even though I had once been considered physically active and fit, years of attending to my career had combined with years of neglecting my health. I think it's easy to …