I am learning how to play squash

I am a reasonably competent golfer, I can lift heavy things, and I can manipulate my body composition via exercise and diet when I am so inclined. What I can't do yet is play squash. I can't dance either but first things first...

It is exhilarating to learn a new pattern of movements especially when the immediate payoff is such a satisfying "smack" (or "squash" as the legend goes) when the stars align and ball hits sweetspot, hugs the sidewall, and lands deep in the corner. It's also invigorating to feel sore in muscles I know I have. At this point in my life, there aren't too many muscles that I've never felt but it's always cool to get them to react in ways I didn't expect. The body is a remarkably specific machine. The same arm that can make it through a gym workout, a strongman workout, or 36 holes of golf without issue, is the same arm that's sore the next day after a low intensity, 60 minute long, beginner's squash lesson.

The moral of the story is variety. Break the rut, try something new, and give your machine a new experience.

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