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I had a great day

I had a great day today. Most of them have been varying degrees of great ever since I decided to follow my passion and get back into the health and fitness field as a personal trainer. Today was extra great. I had a great session with a new client, a brilliant businessman who really wants to lose weight so he can enjoy many more years with his grandchildren. He is so motivated to make a change! I can't wait to start working with him!

Back at my apartment, a man and his dog got on the elevator. Actually it was a man and his puppy. The puppy was a Pug/Jack Russell Terrier mix like the one in the picture. Evidently this mix is quite popular but I've never seen one in person. This little puppy was so happy and so cute and I left the elevator with a smile on my face.

Is it too soon to be getting the golf bug again?

Winter is definitely upon us in southern Ontario with temperatures more like January than November and a discouraging layer of snow on the ground. Despite climatic cues that I should be resigned to storing the sticks until next March, I stopped in at the local Golftown, "just to see what's new". Those of you that have known me for a while probably know that such an innocuous purpose quite often leads to me leaving the store with a new club. Today started out no differently than others, as I immediately noticed they were heavily discounting last season's drivers.

I selected a Titleist 907 D2 in my preferred loft and shaft flex and proceeded to head to the simulator to take some swings. I really was curious about the club but I was more motivated to try to loosen up all the soreness from the past two days of kettlebell exercising with my recent certification.

Aside from noticing how nice the classically shaped Titleist looked at address, I was surprised to feel quite…

Got my Level 1 Kettle Bell Trainer Specialist Certification today

They are described as "cannonballs with handles". They look rudimentary, as far from the high-tech cardio-vascular machines as sticks and stones are from jet fighters. Yet, when properly used, they absolutely kick your butt.

I'd seen youtube videos and even messed around with a 16kg kettle bell before but I was not prepared to be pummeled into submission after two four-hour days learning the basics of the swing, clean and press, snatch, turkish get-up and the windmill.

I am sore but invigorated. The workout one gets from properly using kettle bells is amazing to say the least. Just a super combination of power, endurance, and mobility along with some serious peak loading for your hips and shoulder girdle. Every large muscle group with the exception of my chest has been worked hard.

I am super excited to start implementing basic kettle bell moves with my clients. All of them can benefit from the core stabilization as well as the mobility improvements and the ones tha…

Powerlifting meet results

I just got back from the 2008 USAPL Ohio Championships and I'd have to say the meet was a success. I managed to get a new meet PR of 470 lbs in the squat and greatly exceeded my expectations in the deadlift with a pain-free pull of 550 lbs with more in the tank. On top of that, I beat the two other competitors in my division and weight class and took first place in the 275lb Raw (meaning only a belt, wrist wraps and neoprene knee sleeves allowed) class.

My last meet back in March was my first in almost 20 years and I had to cut 10 lbs the night before in order to make the upper limit of the 275lb class. This time, thanks to some awesome nutritional advice by Poliquin Bio signature practitioner Helen Medeiros, I weighed in at 256.6 without making any effort to cut weight. My next goal is to get down to 240 and compete in the 242lb class in March 09. When I do that, it will represent a weight loss of 59 lbs and a net fat loss of upwards of 70 lbs since November 2007.

Despite we…

Five days until the second powerlifting competition of my second fitness life

The first competition of my second fitness life took place last March. I cut 10 pounds of water weight the last day before the weigh-in to make the upper limit of the 275.5 lb weight class. Lifting in the "Raw" division, meaning using a belt, wrist wraps, and neoprene knee sleeves, I managed to squat 450 lbs, bench press 340 lbs, and deadlift 545 lbs. I had planned to lift more in the squat and deadlift but cutting those last 10 lbs of water weight affected me more than I had hoped.

This time around, I hope to weigh in at approximately 260 lbs without having to go through any last minute dehydration. This will put me squarely in the middle of the 275.5 lb weight class but since my goal is to get my body weight down to 240 lbs by March 2009, I'm okay with being one of the "lighter" competitors in the weight class.

Being 25 lbs lighter than when I last competed--taking into account my "real" weight at the time of my last competition, I hope to match w…