Five days until the second powerlifting competition of my second fitness life

The first competition of my second fitness life took place last March. I cut 10 pounds of water weight the last day before the weigh-in to make the upper limit of the 275.5 lb weight class. Lifting in the "Raw" division, meaning using a belt, wrist wraps, and neoprene knee sleeves, I managed to squat 450 lbs, bench press 340 lbs, and deadlift 545 lbs. I had planned to lift more in the squat and deadlift but cutting those last 10 lbs of water weight affected me more than I had hoped.

This time around, I hope to weigh in at approximately 260 lbs without having to go through any last minute dehydration. This will put me squarely in the middle of the 275.5 lb weight class but since my goal is to get my body weight down to 240 lbs by March 2009, I'm okay with being one of the "lighter" competitors in the weight class.

Being 25 lbs lighter than when I last competed--taking into account my "real" weight at the time of my last competition, I hope to match what I lifted the last time.

My training has gone well and my squat actually projects to a number in excess of the 450 lbs I lifted before. I hope to bench press 330 or 340 lbs. The deadlift has been a bit of an issue since I over-worked it while training with a strongman team over the spring and early summer. Still, I hope to deadlift at least 525 lbs.

All in all, I'm excited to see how I do and look forward to setting my next goal.

Finally, health encompasses more than just the physical, sometimes you just need to let the mind have fun. I caught this cool musical act on an episode of "Austin City Limits." No, not "The Bloc Party", "Ghostland Observatory". Pretty fun stuff, sometimes you just have to not take things seriously and go with it...

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