Got my Level 1 Kettle Bell Trainer Specialist Certification today

They are described as "cannonballs with handles". They look rudimentary, as far from the high-tech cardio-vascular machines as sticks and stones are from jet fighters. Yet, when properly used, they absolutely kick your butt.

I'd seen youtube videos and even messed around with a 16kg kettle bell before but I was not prepared to be pummeled into submission after two four-hour days learning the basics of the swing, clean and press, snatch, turkish get-up and the windmill.

I am sore but invigorated. The workout one gets from properly using kettle bells is amazing to say the least. Just a super combination of power, endurance, and mobility along with some serious peak loading for your hips and shoulder girdle. Every large muscle group with the exception of my chest has been worked hard.

I am super excited to start implementing basic kettle bell moves with my clients. All of them can benefit from the core stabilization as well as the mobility improvements and the ones that have fat-loss as a primary goal will soon learn a very fun way to blast their bodies with some high intensity intervals.

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