Powerlifting meet results

I just got back from the 2008 USAPL Ohio Championships and I'd have to say the meet was a success. I managed to get a new meet PR of 470 lbs in the squat and greatly exceeded my expectations in the deadlift with a pain-free pull of 550 lbs with more in the tank. On top of that, I beat the two other competitors in my division and weight class and took first place in the 275lb Raw (meaning only a belt, wrist wraps and neoprene knee sleeves allowed) class.

My last meet back in March was my first in almost 20 years and I had to cut 10 lbs the night before in order to make the upper limit of the 275lb class. This time, thanks to some awesome nutritional advice by Poliquin Bio signature practitioner Helen Medeiros, I weighed in at 256.6 without making any effort to cut weight. My next goal is to get down to 240 and compete in the 242lb class in March 09. When I do that, it will represent a weight loss of 59 lbs and a net fat loss of upwards of 70 lbs since November 2007.

Despite weighing approximately 30 lbs less than when I last competed, only my bench press went down and I managed to total 1345 lbs, 10 lbs more than in March. I'm most happy that my deadlifting went better than expected. Two weeks ago, I struggled with 505 lbs and was beginning to get frustrated at how slow my back was recovering from some over-use injuries from this summer's strongman training. This past weekend, I tweaked my deadlift form a little and like magic, I started to feel like the puller I used to be. It's hard to see now but way back in 1992, I actually made Powerlifting USA's Top 100 list for my weight class in the deadlift. Back in those younger days, I had pulled a respectable 644 lbs while lifting in the 220 lb weight class. We all hate to concede a loss of skills or abilities due to the march of time and I was not ready to concede my loss of deadlifting ability just yet. This meet renewed my expectation that I will again reach those levels.

The pictures at the top of the post are of my awards and of some US powerlifting greats. The first picture is of my awards, first place in the 275 lb Raw Open class and first place in the 275 lb Raw Master's Class. The second picture is of, left to right, Greg Page, David Ricks, myself, and Al Siegel. Greg is the reigning Masters World Champion in the 165 lb weight class. David Ricks is a former World Champion, many times US National Champion, and just returned from the Open World Championships where he placed third. Al Siegel is a legend in the US Powerlifting scene and still takes the time to help lifters of all levels.


  1. Congrats craig! Awesome performance... one of many more to come I'm sure!


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