Have you stretched lately?

No, this entry isn't about flexibility or mobility even though they are critical components to a vital lifestyle. What I'm asking is, "have you forced yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and try something that wasn't just new but also required you to muster up some courage?"

The other night I ventured onto a dance floor for the first time in many years. This wasn't an alcohol-fueled, Dr. Jekyllian episode, I was sober but I decided to do it anyways. For many people, especially women, going dancing is as natural as looking both ways before crossing the street. For me, not so much. I have a tremendous fear of looking like a dork on a dance floor. It's warranted. I do look like a dork. Still, dancing is fun and I love music so I finally decided the other night that I would throw vanity aside and let myself have fun.

As I reflected back on that night, I realized that many people feel the same way about stepping foot inside a fitness club or gym. It can be scary, all beginners look like beginners and usually there are members of both sexes at the gym or club who are clearly very experienced at exercise.

Whether you're a fitness professional, avid exerciser, or rank beginner, it's important to stretch, to reach out and try things that are outside of your comfort zone. There's a good chance you'll have fun and trying new things is good for mind and body!

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