My upcoming goals with respect to bodyweight...

As I stood this morning, fasted, I weighed 247 lbs. My goal is to weigh 235 or less by March 18th, 2009. That date will be 10 days before my next planned powerlifting competition. I intend to lift in the 242 lb weight class and by getting my weight down to 235 in advance of the meet, I will be able to creatine load and still end up under the weight class limit after the inevitable and strength-giving water retention.

Twelve pounds minimum in 8 weeks shouldn't be very challenging but to ensure I hit my goal, I will be initiating a 20-30 minute cardio/kettlebell session in the morning. It's not a lot but it will be enough to jump start my daily metabolism, defer any fat-loss plateaus and give me the calorie deficit cushion I'll need to offset the required high-calorie days for proper recuperation in the final weeks before the meet.

After I complete that meet, my next fat-loss goal is to hit 215 or less by June 24, 2009. That day will be 10 days prior to the 8th Annual Fern's Gym Strongman Competition in Temiskaming Shores. I competed in this contest last summer as a heavyweight class competitor but this summer my goal is to compete in the middleweight class (176-220 lbs). This goal will be challenging because to get to 215 lbs or less will mean my bodyfat percentage will be approximately 9-11%. In my lifetime, I've only had a bodyfat percentage that low two times. Once when I first started powerlifting and cut down to the 181 lb weight class in 1988 and for a brief period in 1996 when I trimmed down from 250 to 198 lbs. In both of those prior situations, I did not maintain that degree of leanness for a very significant period of time.

When I achieve that level in July 2009, my goal will be to maintain, within a reasonable margin, that body weight for the rest of my healthy life. At that time I will be nearing my 43rd birthday and I will be making my long-term health a full-time priority. As it stands, many years of carrying 250+ pounds has no doubt put many extra miles on my joints--especially in my knees and back. In order to ensure ongoing years of vitality, I will need to be cognizant of lightening the load on my skeletal structure.

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