Changing gears a bit...

I've decided that my lower back isn't ready for the rigors of the type of strength workouts I'd need to perform in order to enter the planned powerlifting competition at the end of March. In the alternative, I've stepped up my kettlebell work as well as focusing more on hitting my bodyfat goals.

In the past week, I've worked up to 30 kettlebell snatches with each arm (60 total) performed with the 24kg kettlebell. My goal is to be able to do a sustained set of 100 kettlebell snatches, 50 with each arm, one switch, no putting the kettlebell down.

In addition to the kettlebell snatches, I've incorporated a much higher volume of kettlebell swings into my workout. The objective of the kettlebell programming is to increase core stability, improve shoulder flexibility, and increase cardiovascular fitness. The beneficial side effects should include increased bodyfat loss and increased grip strength.

I've started incorporating "strongman-specific" exercises into my traditional iron routine. Farmer's walks and zercher squats are both terrific exercises for increasing core stability as well as putting a whole new type of stress on your upper and middle back.


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