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A resolution to my Nike warranty complaint

After getting nowhere with Nike directly, I forwarded my issue to Ellen Roseman of the Toronto Star. Thanks to her help, my complaint was escalated at Nike and I eventually received a satisfactory resolution. I still have issues with a process that only attends to a very squeaky wheel but my hope is that Ms. Roseman's column in today's Toronto Star will cause Nike to think about how they might better administrate their warranty program.

Nike shoe warranty runs back to plant floor
March 28, 2009
Ellen Roseman

Craig Hirota, a personal trainer, owns two pairs of Nike Free 7.0 running shoes. One was purchased a year ago and the other three months ago.

Both started tearing at a crucial seam and one pair started shedding parts of its sole.

"Keep in mind that I walk a carpeted gym floor in these shoes. I have never used them for trail running or court sports," he says.

He went back to the store, which said he had to call Nike Canada.

That's when he found ou…

Pet Peeves and Misconceptions, Part 1

When I first entered the health and fitness industry 20 years ago there were pet peeves and misconceptions but they were more of the gym etiquette variety--things like using the power rack for curls, putting a towel on a piece of equipment to 'hold it' while doing something else, or men wearing spandex pants and tank tops while working out.

Nowadays, there are newer, far more insidious pet peeves and misconceptions that do far more damage than simply irritating other gym users.

Pet Peeve #1

Those that kneel at the altar of "the fat burning zone." Do these people who spend hours every week on the elliptical machine or the stairmaster realize the misinformation on "the fat burning zone" was created over 30 years ago? Study after study has proven that interval training is a far more effective modality for changing body composition than the old, "Fit or Fat" strategy that Covert Bailey prescribed back in 1978.

Pet Peeve #2

People with fat loss goals who d…