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Pet Peeves and Misconceptions, Pt II

When I first entered the health and fitness industry 20 years ago there were pet peeves and misconceptions but they were more of the gym etiquette variety--things like using the power rack for curls, putting a towel on a piece of equipment to 'hold it' while doing something else, or men wearing spandex pants and tank tops while working out.

Nowadays, there are newer, far more insidious pet peeves and misconceptions that do far more damage than simply irritating other gym users. If you missed it, Pt 1 is here:

Pet Peeve #4

The proliferation of experts who are experts at cross-promoting each other's products in order to rise to the top of google searches. I'm sure at one time these marketing experts actually trained people and got results but now all they do is create processes to e-market their products. Not that I'm against marketing, it's just that the internet is getting clogged up with websites that exist solely to cash in on the affiliate marketing boom. …