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training update

So far my training strategy is:

1) improve shoulder mobility
2) improve core strength
3) continue to try to improve squat performance

I'm incorporating wide grip behind the neck presses with an olympic bar to improve shoulder motion. Also going to include direct core work to see if it improves squat and deadlift maxes.

Working on raw squat, made a slight modification to my stance. Turned feet more towards the front instead of allowing them to flare out 30*. So far it feels like there is more glute activation. Really trying to improve posterior chain strength. Will let front squats hit knee extension strength.

Going to continue to hit barbell rows hard to see if they improve my bench press. Weight is holding at approx 235 but I need to get it down at least 10 lbs before the 100% Raw meet in September.

June has been a bit of a 'deload' month after the competition but will be looking to increase workout frequency in July to the following schedule:

Monday: Back Squat/Bench Pres…

Changes in Direction

It's been a year since I left the fitness industry in exchange for more work/life balance. As a result I haven't documented anything as I had no direction for my blog.

I've decided to continue it as a training and competition log for my ongoing powerlifting hobby. Despite not being employed in the fitness industry any longer, I am still actively training for and competing powerlifting competitions.

I've been fortunate enough to compete in a National level event, the 2010 CPU Nationals as a Masters 1 class lifter. I was very fortunate to actually earn a 3rd place medal in the 110kg class--the icing on the cake for a great trip to a city I've never visited with my girlfriend Vivian. Since then, I've cut down for an event in the 100kg class and in my past two competitions, lifted raw in the new 120kg class and most recently in the new 105kg class. My ultimate goals are to continue to lose bodyfat and compete in the 93kg class by January 2012.

In the near term…