back at it but with aches and pains

Made it into the gym today after a 7 day break. I guess I didn't need to worry about having too much energy. Everything felt heavy, as in 'not touched a weight in 30 days' heavy. I can only guess that the lack of power and the general feeling of inflammation in every joint were signs that I really was fighting off some bug.

Whereas I was able to squat 375 for 5 sets of 5 in my last squat workout, today, 4 sets of 3 felt like I was givin'er all I had. Bench presses felt equally oppressive as my shoulder protested with even medium weights.

At least I was back in the gym and not letting the doldrums secure too much sedentary time. Hoping to rebound on friday when I'm due to squat again and maybe do some stiff legged deadlifts.

Three months ago, I had thought I'd be able to give a good run at a 501 lb raw squat at the 100% Raw Easterns in September but after missing 468 in June at the Toronto Supershow, I'm hoping just to achieve that and hopefully have enough left to make a third attempt of 475-485. Workouts like today don't do much to build confidence but I've been at it long enough to trust that the bad days are temporal and progress is achieved by consistent, hard effort.

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