a good squat workout but with more back pain

It's funny, earlier today as I was sitting at my desk at work the thought crossed my mind that I felt like 'smashing weights' at the gym. As it was only 1pm, I hoped that I would still feel like that by the time I was on my way to my 8pm workout.

At 6pm, as I was trying to throw some water on my rapidly dying lawn, I was thinking not so much about 'smashing weights' as about why my SI joints seemed to be so sore today. I figured I'd blame the bucket of balls I hit at the driving range two days prior since I could feel every golf swing twinge in the area around my sacrum. Anyways, it's something that I've just trained through and around for the past couple years. Probably hard headed of me but I figured that if it hasn't gotten worse and it's not making me weaker, that I'd just go until something broke or it went away completely. Heck, at my age, something hurts a little somewhere every day so I don't bother with waiting until there's a day when I feel dewy fresh and cock-strong like I did when I was 21.

As planned, Vivian and I made it to the gym and I proceeded into my squat workout. Everything felt really good until my last warmup set with 375. The SI joints were barking pretty good but the weight moved well so I went up. 395x2 and then 415x2 for two sets. By now my lower back was getting noticeably fatigued so I decided to call it a day on the heavy work sets and lowered the bar to 345 for some pause squats.

The pause squats felt fine, if as difficult as always. A set of 4 and then a set of 3 and squats were done and my lower back was pumped and on fire. After a second workout with pause squats, I'm really liking them. Learning to feel comfortable in the hole with one's head about to explode all while holding posture should help me handle heavier weights in the future. The only caveat, especially since I've been competing without gear, is I hope the pause in the hole doesn't slow my transition. I'll be paying close attention to the speed of my work sets to make sure they don't suffer at the expense of getting better at pause squats.

Finished up the workout with some light, strict barbell rows in sets of 10. I would've normally gone heavier to sets of 3-5 but after the squats, my lower back was having none of that.

All in all, a good workout but with some extra aches and pains. Par for the course I think. Two hours later, I'm just workout sore so it looks like I'll live to lift another day and on schedule.

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