heavy deadlift singles

Today was deadlift day and I was scheduled for three heavy singles. Everything felt pretty good during my warmup sets. 325x3, 415x3, and 505x1.

First work set: 555x1 not particularly fast off the floor but easy lockout
Second set: 555x1, slower but still no grind at the top
Third set: 555x1, even slower but no grind, just couldn't get it to accelerate.

Overall the workout went okay. 555 is just over 90% of my 1 RM of 606 and it moved pretty well considering I make a point of training without getting psych'd up. I have a ways to go before I can hope to match my all-time best raw deadlift of 644 lbs. Back then, my training logs indicate I was able to pull 625 X 2. Ha! Can't even pull that for 1 yet. If only I could turn back the clock...

Finished up with heavy, cheat barbell rows. I like to mix these in with more strict, pendlay-style rows.

Bodyweight is still 235-240. Finding it very hard to sustain the motivation to eat a lower calorie diet. Still need to hit a goal of competing in the 100kg class for the 100% Raw competition in September so I'll need to buckle down on the diet.

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