mid-summer malaise aka golf season

Tomorrow it will be one week since my last workout. 7 days will have been the longest break I've had since March. I'm definitely not burnt out but I guess I needed the break otherwise I wouldn't have found excuses to not go to the gym.

One excuse I enjoy as much as if not much more than training for powerlifting competition is playing golf. I'm a horrible golfer, lucky to break 90 on a good day, but I enjoy playing the game immensely. The weather has been fantastic lately, if a bit too dry for my lawn's sake, and Vivian and I haven't missed the opportunity to get out to a course on the weekends. I've also managed to mix in an evening or two a week at the driving range.

I can't say the work is helping my game but I find hitting a bucket of balls to be very relaxing. In the heat and humidity of the summer, it's also nice to work up a sweat without actually exercising. :P

In the meantime, I plan on hitting squats relatively hard tomorrow--purposely dialing back the intensity a bit since it's easy to get injured lifting after a layoff. My weight is still hovering around 240 rather than the desired 230 but first things first, I've got to get back in a training routine. It won't matter what I weigh for the 100% Raw Easterns in September if I'm under-trained and weak.


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