New squat groove feels less new now

The plan for today's workout was to work up to a training max (no pre-lift psych and stopping when the weight is grindy but not a gut-busting max) and then hit a couple of sets of pause squats. It would serve as a good bench mark with the new squat stance and power cues I've been implementing.

My warmup sets went well and my first singles with 415 and 435 were very comfortable and more importantly, I was keeping my form and not reverting to old habits. I increased the weight to 450 for my next single and it also stayed in the groove and moved pretty well. I went up 10 more pounds to 460 and this rep was nice and tight but started to grind just past the sticking point. I may have had another 10 in me but the point of today's workout was to get close to a max without having to use alot of resources.

I then went down to 345 for sets of 5 and then 4 in the pause squat. These are feeling very comfortable and I think they had very good transfer to my heavy singles as I felt very solid in the hole. Because my new training max is 460, I'll bump the weights up to 360 for upcoming pause squat workouts.

So far, things are looking good as I finish up week 1 of 8 prior to my next meet. Now I just need that torn callus to heal up so I can start deadlifting again.

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