Birthday workout--golf and squats

Used my birthday as an excuse to take a day off to play golf. Teed off at 0720 hrs and was done just after 1000 hrs. Shot 88, a good score for me off the blue tees at Royal Ontario this year. I guess the golf gods were kind on account of it being my birthday. No holes in one though, I guess I have to turn more than 45 to get that kind of charity from the golf gods.

Stopped at Starbucks on the way home to fuel up with a large black coffee and some sweets--I'd say I was using the birthday excuse but I don't need any motivation to eat carby sweet things. Anyways, I relaxed a bit and then decided to take advantage of being able to beat the afterwork rush at the gym.

I was curious to see if the tweak I felt in my right thigh from Monday's workout would affect today's workout. The plan was to work up to a training max, dial it down for 3 work sets and then finish up with some pause squats. In a perfect fairy tale world, my two quad pre-exhaust workouts would yield immediate gains and I would set some stratopheric gym PR. Since I'm not Prince Charming and starting to lose some hair (along with starting to grow some in places that don't need any), I would settle for some good lifts and no injuries.

Warm-ups felt fine, no problems, so I started my sequence of singles with 415 (88% of my 1 RM). This felt easy so I jumped to 445. 445 wasn't super snappy out of the hole but easy enough to stay on plan and jump to 465. This lift was steady, slowed down at my sticking point and locked out. I decided against jumping to 475 for a new gym PR because the speed didn't seem good enough and I was feeling a slight tweak in my back.

I backed down to 425 (90% of my 1 RM) for 3 sets of 2. These sets were good but I immediately noticed that I need to place a priority on heavy singles in the final 3 weeks before the competition. Of the 6 total reps, no two were the same. It's just no good to have a lack of consistency when the weight gets heavy. Going forward, on my heavy days I need to do 6 or 7 singles with 445 or more in order to really dial in my squat form.

After the 3 sets of 2 with 90%, I backed the weight down to 360 for 3 sets of 3 in the pause squat. The last workout with pause squats resulted in me only getting one set of 3 with 360 so today's effort was a big improvement.

All in all it was a good workout, as usual I learned something and was fortunate enough to not get hurt. The right thigh tweak was completely gone--no hints of anything during the entire workout. Some strain in the back with the heavy weights but no evidence of any issues during the pause squats. Just getting old I guess.

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