Deja Vu all over again

Two weeks ago I tore a callus off my right hand while using the hook grip for deadlifts. I attributed that to poor callus management and have spent the past two weeks sanding down my calluses while waiting for the torn skin to heal.

Today, I thought the torn skin had healed sufficiently so I was excited to test the hook grip with 545 lbs. 545 lbs is right around my usual opening attempt in the deadlift so I needed to feel confident the grip would hold with at least this much weight.

Warm ups went well and the grip and my healed callus held up with no hint of problems. I did an easy single with 495 and proceeded to prepare for the test single with 545.

Deadlifting while wondering if your grip is going to hold is not easy since the lift involves so much commitment if you're going to break it off the ground. 545 lbs is just over 90% of my 1 rep max so even with a 100% secure grip it demands my attention. To make a boring story short, the weight came off the ground somewhat tentatively and the lack of speed made the middle of the lift slower than it needed to be. I never had any doubts I would complete the lift but the speed was less than ideal. The grip felt good with no hint of slipping. I held it at the top for an extra count just to be sure it was secure.

When I put the bar down and looked at my hand, I was extremely disappointed to see that I had torn all the freshly healed skin right off the spot that had torn two weeks ago. I couldn't recall any portion during the lift when the grip slipped enough to tear the callus but the evidence was starting to bleed and sting. Back to the drawing board to figure out what I'm doing wrong because I can't afford to deadlift once every 2-3 weeks with a torn palm in between.

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