Getting better at leg pressing and hopefully it the beets?

Third quad pre-exhaust workout today.  Used the same 720 lbs on the leg press for my top set as last week but was able to get 10 reps in the activation set and 3 myo-rep sets of 3 afterwards.  A significant improvement over last week's effort that left my quads burning as if I had been doing leg extensions.  After unloading the leg press, I  made my way over to the squat rack.

Either I'm improving my conditioning or the can of beets I ate prior to the workout had an effect because I didn't feel nearly as shaky as the prior two pre-exhaust workouts.  With the competition about 18 days away, I decided to go slightly heavier but for doubles instead of the prior two workouts' 3 sets of 3 reps.

I loaded 395 (84% of my 1 rep max) and proceeded to do 5 sets of 2.  Each set was fast and very easy.  I found the 5 sets of 2 to be more effective practice than the previous 3 sets of 3.  With 5 sets of 2, I had 5 set-ups and 5 first reps.  Much better practice for a competition squat than doing my work repetitions in fewer sets.  Plus, I used a heavier weight (395 vs 385 the prev week) for 10 total reps instead of 9.

Overall, a very good workout with seemingly good results from my quad pre-exhaust strategy.  Of course the proof will be in the competition pudding where I'll be looking to improve my competition squat past the recent 205kgs from my last two events.

*the beets came from an article I recently read that suggested that drinking beet juice was an effective way to getting the precursor to nitric oxide into the bloodstream.  I didn't have any beet juice so I figured eating a can of beets might work.  At the very least, I like them, they're somewhat filling and low in calories.


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