I can still squat with mild vertigo, who knew?

In another concession to getting older, I've discovered that roller coasters give me vertigo. It last happened three years ago when I went to Canada's Wonderland with a group of employees. As usual we hit the Behemoth first since it was the baddest ride and had the longest lines. Right after that we hit the Minebuster, a battering throw-back wooden rollercoaster After those rides, I was done for the day, feeling dizzy and unable to move my head quickly or track multiple objects with my eyes. This passed after a few hours and I didn't think much of it.

This past weekend my girlfriend Vivian, her son, her son's friend and I went to Canada's Wonderland and again we hit the Behemoth first. This time I didn't make it to a second ride. I immediately got the flop sweats, got dizzy (which is weird since the ride doesn't really do any circles), and couldn't concentrate on anything. Not wanting to be sick in the park, I walked back to the car, got a towel and took a nap under a tree. The feelings of vertigo lasted for days.

Today, I nearly pulled over on the way to the work because I was getting dizzy and sitting at my desk, it was all I could do to not get sick trying to concentrate on my computer screen. By noon, I was thinking today's squat workout was in danger of being cancelled.

Still, I thought, if I miss this workout, I'd end up missing half my week's squat work seven weeks out from the upcoming competition. I decided I'd wait until just before 5pm to decide if I could do it. Luckily, I felt no worse by 5pm so I decided to go to the gym. I emailed Vivian and set up the time to meet.

Once I got under the first warmup weight, things felt strangely normal. I didn't feel fatigued and there was no hint of balance or dizziness issues. Everything was a "go"! I ended up hitting my intensity and volume goals (18 total repetitions with 80-89% of my 1 RM) for the day. After I was done I felt mentally fatigued but not any more physically drained than normal. I did a set of 3 in the pause squat with my new training weight of 360 and it felt steady and stable at the bottom position.

All in all, a good learning experience and I'm glad I decided not to let a little rollercoaster derail my training.

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