second quad pre-exhaust workout, it's tougher than I expected

After spending a very relaxing weekend with Vivian at Turkey Point, I was enthusiastic about getting into the gym tonight. Last week's inaugural quad pre-exhaust workout had resulted in some new post-workout soreness so I was hopeful that I was accomplishing my goal of increased quadricep strength.

We got to the gym later than usual and as a result it was much less busy. I could monopolize many of the gym's 45's without feeling guilty. My first two warmup sets with 6 and 7 plates a side went well so I decided to do my work set, myo-rep style with 8 plates a side. Myo-reps, poorly paraphrased, is a rep scheme where you use a weight that allows 6-8 reps (this is my interpretation based on strength goals) to a RPE of 9 (ie., leaving one rep in the tank). You immediately rest for about 20-30 seconds and then try to crank out as many more reps as you can, leaving one rep in the tank. You can continue this process for as long as you can stand it or until you can't get more than 1 rep. The goal behind the scheme is to exhaust as many fast-twitch muscle fibres as possible. It's a very tough scheme but also very time economical since one extended myo-rep set takes the place of 3-5 traditional sets and rest periods. A more in-depth summary is here.

Anyways, I used 8 plates a side and did an 'activation set' of 6 reps, rested about 20 seconds did 3 more, rested 20 seconds and did 3 more. Today, I didn't have enough energy to extend the set so I stopped there.

After cleaning the leg press of plates, I waddled over to the squat rack. Like last week, I planned to do 3 sets of 3 with 385 (82% of my 1 rep max). The first two sets went well but the second rep of the third set gave me a slight twinge in my upper thigh. Being stupid or stubborn or in denial or all three, I did the third rep too. The twinge didn't get worse on the third rep but it was definitely evidence that my legs were under a level of stress that previous squat-only workouts had never reached.

I'm pretty sure I didn't injure anything in a way that will curtail future training this week as it feels more like a mild charley horse than any kind of tear or pull but I'll need to be mindful of how it feels before next week's quad pre-exhaust workout. I feel like the scheme is working, I just need to make sure I don't over-do it.

If everything recovers well, the plan is to squat heavy singles on Wednesday. I'm hoping I'll sense greater speed in the mid-point of the lift without further aggravation of my upper quad area.


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