100% Raw Easterns, squat videos

After having a chance to review video of my squat attempts from this past weekend's 100% Raw Powerlifting Eastern Nationals, I'm surprised because they actually look worse than they felt.

My opening attempt looked fine but considering it was a weight I was handling easily in training, should've moved alot faster.
200 kg (440 lbs) opening attempt--that didn't look like a weight I could do for reps

While I was squatting it, my second attempt with 207.5 kgs (457 lbs) felt like a near miss.  I let the bar get forward and I didn't have the back strength to good morning it up.  After watching the video, it looked as if the weight was 10 kg too heavy--which doesn't make much sense since I just lifted a weight that was only 7.5 kgs less heavy.
207.5 kg (457 lbs) second attempt--getting pinned sucks.

My third attempt, a re-try with 207.5 kgs, went much better.  Before the meet started, I thought a squat of 212.5 kgs (468 lbs) was in the bag since I had done a couple of singles with 470 lbs in training.  After getting pinned with 457 lbs, I was confused and honestly, a bit discouraged.  Everything about my training pointed to improvement in my squatting but here I was at the meet and I was showing every sign of regressing.  I didn't cut any weight and got some good sleep so I had no game day excuses to fall back on.  My only guess is that I had grown reliant on watching myself squat in the mirror in front of the squat rack and was used to seeing a visual cue for my depth rather than feeling my position.  In all of my attempts I appear to search for depth rather than descending with commitment and blasting out of the bottom position.  Since the new power stations at my gym don't have mirrors in front of them anymore, I'm hopeful I'll re-learn my squat positions so I can lift at the limit instinctively instead of having to think through form cues mid-lift.
207.5 kg (457 lbs) third attempt--much better and a 2.5 kg meet PR

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