Deadlift Fail, a first for everything!

So, on saturday, I went to Toronto Rex headquarters at the House of Boyle for what was planned to be a workout to deadlift and bench press openers.  Everything felt very good and I was looking forward to another session to practice the hook grip.

We started with bench presses because Ulrike Kruger, a teamate training for the upcoming IPF Masters World Championships, was also bench pressing and I figured, you bench and then you deadlift in the meet, might as well practice the same way.

Bench presses went very well and my planned opening and second attempts of 297 and 308 were confirmed with some relatively pain-free lifts.  I even finished up with a successful touch and go attempt with 315.  A little over a year ago I was doing sets of 2 or 3 reps with 315 but shoulder pain has kept the landmark three wheel bench press out of reach for quite a while.  It was good to press it again.  Hopefully this is a sign I'll get some bench press power back.

After bench presses, it was on to deadlifts.  Mark Boyle trained deadlifts with me and he worked up to a nice top set with 425.  My warm-up progression was:

135X5, 225X5, 315X3, 405X3, 495X1

My plan from there was to do my projected opener of 545 and then go up to 565 and maybe even give 585 a yank. 

Instead, what happened was, I pulled 545 off the ground and to lockout significantly faster than two weeks ago but for some reason I got on my heels and started losing my balance.  I tried to catch myself and took a couple steps back.  That wasn't working (duh!) and eventually I ran out of platform and had to dump the bar.  Murphy decided to enforce his law and of course the bar hit the edge of the platform and bounced back into my already scarred up shins and down I went.

While I wasn't hurt, I took that as a sign to call it a day.  This the first time I've ever dumped a deadlift and I was embarrased as hell.  I was happy that my speed off the floor had improved and all through my stumbling and bumbling, my hook grip held fast.  Now Vivian will have another set of scars to tease me about.

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