Last hard squat workout before the competition

Today is eleven days out from my next competition on the 18th.  It was scheduled to be my last heavy single squat day and my goal was to continue to feel comfortable with sets of "one and done".   Still training at the Burlington YMCA because the Oakville YMCA's renovations aren't complete, I ended up sharing the power rack with the one guy I usually have to share with at Oakville.  I don't know if Burlington works their legs less than Oakville but it seems strange that the solitary power rack both nights was occupied by two Oakville members.

Is this the look the guys at the Burlington Y are going for?
Anyways, my squat workout went reasonably well and I ended up with the following singles:
445, 455, 455, 435, 435
I then finished with two pause squat sets with 365x3 reps.  365 is the most I've used for pause squats so far and they felt fast.  I believe they are helping with my heavy singles.  The singles with 455 and 435 all required some grinding yet still moved well with little form breakdown.  Sitting here typing up this entry, I can feel that my core has been worked very hard.  Right now it looks like my attempts for the meet will be:
Opener: 440 (200 kgs) 
Second Attempt:  457 (207.5 kgs)  
Third Attempt:   463 (210 kgs) or 468 (212.5 kgs)
The second attempt will represent a modest PR at this bodyweight and the third will depend on how the second attempt goes.  Then again, the day of the competition I may feel like I ate a bowl of awesome for breakfast and I'll lift even more.   Yeah, I'm going to go with that plan!


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