Setting goals and making plans

The week after a meet is usually a week that's easy to take off under the premise of restoring one's batteries after a stressful pre-meet training cycle and the heightened CNS output at the meet itself.  In my case, one doesn't have to twist my arm quite that hard.  Simply put, with no competition in the immediate future, it's really easy for me to blow off a week of training.   I stayed on my diet strategy for the most part so the week wasn't a total write off.  That being said (a phrase I used far too often but after Vivian made fun of me for using "evidently" all the time, I had to find some other space-killer to over-use) I got back in the gym today and started thinking about next year's schedule.

The training session today was mediocre but to be expected after taking a week off.   I had planned on squatting for high reps but all I could do was two sets of 10 with 315.  My knees were sore and I didn't have the endurance to do the 15's I thought I could do.

I followed that with some military pressing.  I haven't done any overhead pressing for about 6 months and it showed.  I worked up to a harder than it should've been set of 2 with 185.  There's alot of room for improvement there and will be part of my program for the foreseeable future.  I finished off this introductory workout with some landmines.  My core and shoulders didn't care for those at all but that means I need to do them more often to rebuild supporting strength.

I did only  two of these variations, it was plenty

As for my plans for the upcoming year, I'm definitely going to lift in the OPA Provincials in January 2012.  After that, I'm torn between taking the rest of the year off to get leaner and get stronger and following through with my original plan of competing in the 2012 CPU Nationals in Calgary (April 9-14) as a geared lifter.  Even though I've been lifting for many years and should be close to my potential (if not already past it), I don't feel over the hill and still believe I can get stronger, significantly stronger.   To do this, will take time and a commitment to hit some weaknesses.  Competitions tend to intrude on the training cycles needed for the remedial work that I need to do if I'm going to get past my current level.  The other option is to lift in the 2012 CPU Classic Nationals (sometime in November) if they are in a reasonably close location.  Travelling across Canada is expensive in both dollars and vacation days and Vivian and I haven't taken a proper vacation for a number of years.   For the next 4 weeks or so, I'll be able to some corrective work and concentrate on losing bodyfat.  After that it's time to start training with an eye towards the 2012 OPA Provincials.  I'll be lifting raw in that meet so it will reduce training stresses significantly.


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