Deadlift assistance day and a little Gironda wisdom

Today's scheduled workout was week 2 of deadlift assistance work:  sumo deadlifts and half squats.  The practice effect kicked in and I was able to work up to a single with 495, 20 lbs more than I attempted last week.  I also attempted 515 today but it only got an inch off the ground.  I immediately re-set and pulled it for a single conventional style because I needed to show the bar who was boss.  In a way, it's nice that these are difficult yet still a light enough weight that they don't beat up my back.

I then moved directly to half squats.  The felt much better than last week so I made them harder by doing them Anderson-style.  I set the rack to a point where I would be setting the bar on them just about the height I'd be at when starting a conventional pull.  I worked up to a set of 5 with 365 and a reasonably hard triple with 405.  I think these are a keeper.

This is what I did except he did them with more weight

Next up were overhead presses.  Since my shoulders still aren't up to bench pressing any real weight, I figured it was a good opportunity to spend some time bringing my overhead press back up to former levels.  Last week I was able to do a pitiful 2 reps with 185.  This week I improved to a set of 3!  It still sucks but it's a 50% improvement in workload so that's my positive takeaway.  (If I had a hand-written training log, I would've put a gold star beside this exercise just because.)

I also increased the weight used for landmines which seems to fire up the external rotation function of my glutes more than my core or upper back.  No wonder I've lost 20 yds on the golf course.  Hard to fire those hips if those hips have nothing to fire.  Anyways, exposing weak points is the name of the game when it comes to off-season training and building a better foundation means stronger lifts come next competition season.

I do my landmines this way

I finished up my workout with some body drag hammer curls.  I first learned of the body drag curl back in the 80's when I used to read articles and books by Vince Gironda.  He was so ahead of his time that we still haven't caught up to him.   One could never tell where the bat sh*t crazy ended and the crazy like a fox began. Still, many of his teachings are as useful today as they were when he was in his heyday.  For me, with my shoulders sore with bicep tendonitis, the body drag hammer curl is an ideal way to stress the elbow flexors without stressing the tendon of the long head of the bicep (that's the one that gets sore on the front of the shoulder).  I do them hammer style because I can't bring myself to do an actual bicep exercise.  I just have an extreme aversion to anything GTL.
He was an odd dude but he knew his sh*t

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