iPhone 4s as training aid

After being patient with my iPhone 3G for 3 full years and then some, I decided to pre-order the iPhone 4s.  It finally arrived last Friday and today was the first chance I had to take advantage of being able to video some of my work sets.

Luckily, @b3nbutty of www.manhavenproject.com was at the gym to do some light work prior to lifting in the 100% Raw Powerlifting World Championships in Orlando this weekend and I was able to shanghai him into being my cameraman for a couple sets.

Today's workout was scheduled to include 5 work sets of 405X2.  Hard enough to demand my attention but not so hard it would blast my CNS and keep me from working on correcting my form.  After the first set, it was evident that my new iPhone was paying dividends.  After reviewing the video, it looked like I needed to drop my squat another inch to make sure I was hitting IPF-legal depth.
Set 1 of 5, squats are a little high

I asked Ben to video set 2 and this set was a bit better.  I hit the safety bar on the left side on my second rep so  it came up a little weird.  I didn't bother to record sets 3-5 but I realized in set 4 that I was letting too much weight move to the balls of my feet.  I concentrated on sitting on my heels for set 5 and it was the fastest of the group.
Set 2 of 5, these squats are a bit deeper and better

I then moved to heavy partials and did an easy set of 495X5 to about quarter squat depth.  Since that weight felt heavy last week, I was glad to see a fast adaptation.  I added 50 lbs and unracked 545.  This felt very heavy.  I haven't had that much on my back for any kind of a squat since last year and that was wearing full gear.  I walked it out and did a triple.  It actually moved easier than it felt but my entire body was protesting at the load.  This was just what I was looking for.  I expect my next partial squat workout will go better as my body adapts to supporting heavy weight.  Those two sets of partial squats had my huffing and puffing far more than the 5 sets of 2 with 405.  That leads me to believe I need to continue hitting heavy partials until my body can tolerate them better.

Building 'bonus' strength in my core and upper back will pay big dividends when it comes to holding the kind of weights I'll be squatting to competition depths.

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