Pre-vacation squat workout

Looking forward to my first vacation in about 3 years.  Vivian and I are going back to Boulder, Colorado to visit my family for 7 days.  Including weekends that'll be 10 days off work!  I'll probably try to get to a gym for a workout or two while I'm there but I'm really not planning on that week for being much more than a nice de-load and "mom's home cooking" bloat session.

Knowing I've got a week to recover, I figured I should at least hit a decent amount of volume in today's squat workout.  The last workout with a decent amount of work set squat volume was the week before my last competition on September 18th.  Since then, I've been concentrating on hitting weaknesses not volume in the competition squat movement.  As a result, today's workout, while difficult, was still below standards set while peaking for competition.

I ended up doing 4 work sets with 405 lbs, approximately 89% of my last 1 rep maximum.  I'm pretty confident that my current 1 rep maximum is temporarily lower because the first two sets of 3 were all I had.  I finished up with two sets of 2 that were still not as snappy as I would've liked.  Once I get back, I'm going to continue hitting weaknesses (quad strength) while testing my back squat once every 5 sessions.  When I've developed an acceptable level of quadricep strength, I'll start peaking my competition squat again.

Next in my workout was a futile attempt at convincing my shoulders they could handle close grip bench presses.  They were still barking loudly at 185 lbs for 5 so I shut it down and finished with two sets of bodyweight bar dips.  Those don't hurt.  Go figure.  Core work and hammer curls to finish and I'm done for the week.  Going to enjoy some Rocky Mountain air and sunshine!


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