Small sumo deadlift PR, deadlift assistance, and overhead presses

Scheduled for today's workout were sumo deadlifts, partial Anderson squats, and overhead presses.  After missing with 515 lbs two weeks in a row, I decided today I would do the following sumo deadlift progression:
225x5, 315x5, 405x3, 455x1, add belt, 505x1, ?

Basically I was substituting my previous workout's single with 495 with a small PR jump to 505.  Pragmatically, it allowed me to add a quarter per side to get 455 and then another quarter per side to 505.  Easier than sliding another 45 on the bar.

All the warmup sets went well and I was feeling like I was starting to finally get the hang of the sumo deadlift.  I loaded the extra 25 per side and prepared to lift the 505.  It broke free of the ground slowly but I was able to stick with it and lock it out easily.   A 10lb sumo deadlift PR!  I rested about two minutes and decided to pull another single with the same weight.  This time the rep lifted off very slowly and crept past my knees in low gear.  I committed to stick with it and managed to grind it above knee height.  From there the lockout was easy.  This rep was very tough but I was able to grind it out and actually felt my legs and hips working hard.  I think this rep definitely built strength.

I rested another 3 minutes and then pulled the 505 for 3 reps conventional style.  These reps were very fast and I felt as if my deadlift assistance work was helping because these reps blasted off the floor.  I have one more week of sumo deadlifting before a deload week and then a transition to conventional deadlift work.  My conventional deadlift plan will alternate with a sumo week.  Aside from needing to continue working a weak point, the lighter weights handled on sumo workouts will serve as a good 'light' week to contrast with the heavier weights used on conventional deadlift days.

Although I was pretty gassed from the deadlifts, I was still able to get a decent partial Anderson squat workout.  I managed to convince Vivian to video my top set so I was finally able to assess both the rest position and my leg action.  I tried telling Vivian that all the cool kids video their workouts nowadays but she didn't believe me and said she felt like a douche.  Regardless, I was glad she was able to help me out as I found the video to be interesting.
405x3, partial Anderson squats--deadlift assistance work

I believe the rest position is fairly close to where I start the conventional pull from the floor but it's clear my knees are moving much more forward than they would in a conventional pull.  Since my weakness is knee extension in both my squat and deadlift, I'm not inclined to change anything at the moment.  So far, it seems like I'm getting carryover from this and the leg pressing to my conventional deadlift but I'll know more after a few weeks of heavier conventional pulling.

I finished up with overhead presses and worked up to top sets of 185x3, 190x2.  This is baby weight but it represented a small increase for me and progress is good.  These don't cause me any shoulder pain so I'm hoping improving my pressing will help preserve my bench press while I try to rehab my supine pressing motion.


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