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Well, we didn't actually train together because we were doing different lifts but it was good to be pushed by a guy 80 lbs lighter lifting as much as me.  He's got a big meet coming up on the 29th, the 100% Raw Powerlifting World Championships in Orlando, Florida.  Even though he's only 21, he's already that federation's World Record holder in the squat, deadlift and total.  Basically he's strong as f*ck.

Anyways, he was working up to a decently heavy squat and bench press single as he dials in his opening attempts and I was working on sumo deadlifts, conventional deadlift assistance work and some remedial core and upper back/external rotator work.

His top squat single and bench press singles were clean and fast.  Lots of power and super solid form.  Really, he's just scratching the surface of his powerlifting potential.

With last week's vacation serving as a week long de-load (or un-load as I didn't lift anything heavy), I was curious to see how my progress would continue from my last deadlift workout on the 4th of October.  Partly because I didn't want to look like a fool in front of Benjamin and impact his pre-competition mojo and partly because I felt pretty good despite some residual DOMS from Monday's squat workout, I actually got in some good work and made some incremental progress.

I worked up to a relatively easy single with 495 in the sumo deadlift but failed again with 515.  It's pretty obvious where my legs and hips are cutting out and where my lower back and hamstrings take over.  I then pulled an easy double conventional style with the same 515, because I didn't want my body to miss out on some necessary stress.

The partial Anderson squats (designed to stop at a position mimicking the start position of my conventional deadlift) were next and they went very well.  Whereas last workout I worked up to a single top set of 405x3, today I was able to do 405x3 and then follow it up with a nice, tough 425x3.  I can really feel the adaptation in this lift and it reinforced my idea that I need to overload my body with some heavy partial range movements in order to condition it to accept new strength levels.

I finished up with a couple sets of landmines and 3 sets of high rep face pulls.  All in all, a productive workout!


  1. hey craig nice lift!

    looking forward to seeing how this assault on things previously avoided works for you.

    i used to use heavy above parallel box squats for the cns overload but found that they messed up my groove (or blew up my ego/expectation of carryover). pin squats sound like a better alternative.

    as for the leg press - well.. hahaha, i'll let you guinea pig that one before i change my whole perspective ;) (although sheiko advises to do these quite often, although more likely for a stretch, but still interesting).


  2. yeah, with the leg press, I suspect after a point there is very little correlation between pressing strength and squat strength but I think my knee extension strength is so remedial that I need to place some emphasis on it. I think sheiko would advise me that there are still far too many women and children that can out raw squat me. lol


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