Assistance work day

Today was a bonus workout.  Vivian couldn't make it to the gym yesterday and wanted to go today so I got to get a bonus workout in today.  Tomorrow is deadlift/overhead press day so I decided to do squat and upper body pull work today.

Decided to start with barbell reverse lunges.  I can't remember the last time I did any lunges but I knew that I needed to add more unilateral movements to this phase of my training.  I was humbled by my horrible form and terrible stability.  I had initially expected to do my work sets with 135 since the bar and a wheel is the universal basic unit of weight room currency.  That plan went out the window as soon as I tried to do a set with 95 lbs and it felt hard.  Not heavy hard, but, "this movement feels very foreign" hard.

I ended up doing three sets of 12 reps per leg, alternating legs each rep.  By the time I was done, my quads were pumped and my glutes were cramping.  I was literally and figuratively lame.  Oh well, another exercise I suck at.  But good news since such a blatant opportunity for improvement surely will lead to some degree of carryover to my competition back squat and deadlift.

I then worked barbell rows to a three sets of 6, strict form with 225.  This isn't very much weight for this exercise either but I'm trying to do them with as minimal a heave and with a torso as close to parallel to the floor as possible.  I'm not trying to jack my yoke, I'm trying to work antagonistic muscles in as close to the same plane as my bench press.

Finished up with hammer curls and face pulls.  The hammer curls started to irritate my bicepital tendon so I bailed on those (some jabroni had monopolized all the dumbells so I was forced to go heavier than I wanted) after two sets and did three sets of high rep face pulls.

Tomorrow is conventional deadlift day, no plan yet on sets and reps, the goal is to work up the heaviest weight I can handle while still moving the bar quickly.  I'm hoping this ends up between 525 and 545.

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