De-load week

Supposed to de-load this week because everything felt heavy last week and my SI joints are starting to ache.  Today was my third day in a row of doing some leg work.  I don't think I do the de-load thing exactly right.

Anyways, I did at least reduce the total volume in today's squat workout.  It was very short and simple.  135x10, 225x10, 315x5, 365x3, 405x2.  The 405x2 was easy although I could feel my SI joints barking when I walked the bar out of the rack and I could feel my glutes from yesterday's leg pressing and lunging.  Still, it feels good to handle the four wheels without stress.

Went straight to overhead presses and kept the intensity low, maxing out with 135lbs for 8,6,5 reps in three sets.  Finished up with high rep pulldowns for recovery since my lats were still sore from yesterday's barbell rows.

Tomorrow is planned to be a day off from gym after three days in a row but if my plans change, it'll be single leg exercises, and horizontal pulls for the upper body.  Otherwise, wednesday is deadlift and overhead press day and I'll try to stay with the de-load theme by reducing either the intensity or the volume.  

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