Deadlift de-load day and gym douchebags

After three weeks of heavy singles and doubles, this week was deadlift de-load day.  Worked up to 78% of my 1 RM and did two beltless sets of 5 and 4 reps.  These were hard since I rarely do more than 2 reps with work weight in the deadlift.

Deadlift:  225x5, 315x5, 405x5, 475x5, 475x4

Overhead press:  45x10. 95x10, 135x5, 160x5, 185x3, 205x1, 160x5

These went well.  First time over 200 lbs in a long time.  My diet to lose bodyfat and eventually compete in the 220lb weight class isn't filling me with weaksauce after all.

Reverse Lunges:  135x5, 135x6, 135x7

Still feel like a total train wreck doing these but the practice is paying off as I've been slowly able to increase repetitions without fear of falling over.

Finished up with two sets of face pulls, 35x20x2 sets.

My rant for the day:  Lazy, stupid, douchebags.  The set up at the Y has 6 half-power racks.  Each rack has places to hold weight plates.   Because the power racks intimidate people, they're rarely used.  Instead, all the free weight plates tend to end up in the other room where there are plate loaded machines.  When I'm working in one of the racks, I have to go to that other room to get my plates.  It never fails but some tank top wearing douchebag is too stupid or too lazy or both to get the plates he needs from the other room.  So, he takes them from my rack--as if I'm not going to need the same plates he wants for whatever upper body pressing exercise he's planning on over-training.

Sorry, another rant.  Because of the previously mentioned power racks (and a scarcity of mirrors) the Y is never very busy.  I usually wear headphones and listen to music in order to keep people from bothering me.  Normally I listen to something not very exciting as I'm trying to minimize excessive CNS stimulation.  Today there was a personal trainer training a client--which normally is just fine.  However this personal trainer had a loud, irritating voice and it seemed like she was jabbering incessantly to her client so that other people would notice her.  I actually had to change to my death metal playlist just to drown her out.  Between the douchebag and the loud talker, I was getting aggravated and getting my CNS too worked up.  I'm sure it helped me hit that 205x1 in the overhead press but too much of that and I get really burned out.

Or, I could be grumpy from low carbs.

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