Deadlifts, more overhead press progress and some deadlift analysis

Conventional deadlifts and overhead pressing:

Deadlifts:  225x5, 315x3, 405x1, 455x2, 505x2, 535x2, 535x2

The 505 represented approx 83% of my 1 RM, the 535 represented 88%.  All three sets were fairly fast and represented a decent amount of volume compared to previous conventional deadlift workouts.

Overhead Presses:  45x10, 95x10, 135x5, 165x5, 185x4, 195x2

The set of 185x4 was a rep PR, previous PR in this training cycle was 3 reps.  195 is the most weight I've handled in his training cycle so progress to date has been very good.

After the workout I decided to do some analysis of my previous limit and near limit deadlifts in my video library.  I timed lifts from initial pull to completion and from initial pull to the knees.  Lately when I've been missing deadlifts, I fail to get them off the floor with any speed so I wanted to see what I used to when I was stronger (and younger).  Video of my 622 lb deadlift from 1989 showed significantly more speed from the floor to my knees compared to recent lifts.  Video of my 617.5 lb deadlift from 2010 while wearing a squat suit showed comparable speed from floor to knees.

Since a squat suit doesn't give any carryover to knee extension, it seems like my current weakness is either in hip extension or more likely, core strength.  It certainly felt like deadlifting in a squat suit increased 'tightness' and definitely made my back feel bulletproof.  I never did any core work back in the day but I suspect heavy rack pulls might've been the ticket.  I didn't do them often but they were always part of the routine.  My current gym doesn't set up for rack pulls as the half rack safety bars don't go low enough but I think I'll keep hitting the partial squats and start doing some true, dead start Anderson squats to make up for it.


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