I was a whiney douchebag today

Today's workout was squat volume day.  Thought I'd work up to work sets of 365x5x5 in the squat and then finish with light, speed bench presses if my shoulders were up to it.

Instead, I started my workout whining like a sissy.  It was so bad, I actually tweeted during my workout.  Tweeting during a workout is actually a sign that you're a douchebag.  Guilty.  Damn.

After my first warm-up set of 135x10:

@northernhiro tweeted:
1st warmup set of squats, holycrap, of all days to wake with a 45 yr old body #achesandpains

I took it again and felt a little better so I went through my normal warm-up progression, 225x10, 315x5. My first work set of 365x5 didn't feel great so I continued my douchey ways and bitched:

@northernhiro tweeted:
At this point I'm questioning the wisdom of over-riding my orig desire to stay home. Training is not starting to pop at all.

Not surprisingly, my mommy didn't miraculously appear at the gym to give me my soother so I did my second set of 365x5.  I douche-tweeted one more time:

@northernhiro tweeted:
After whining like a little b*tch I decided to sack up and lift. Much better now. Just needed to kick my own ass.

Yay for me!  I whined and douche-tweeted my way through cyber-space when I should've just turned up the volume on my iphone and smashed weights.  I ended up completing the 365x5x5.   Now, I should add that I did feel like crap when I was done.  Whereas normally after a good squat workout, my hips and legs feel loose and mobile, today, my hip flexors were drum tight and I had a thing going on between my left glute and my right ITB near the knee.  The glute/ITB thing would eventually loosen up but it definitely makes the foam roller/lacrosse ball list for the future.  

The hip flexor thing was an opportunity to test something out that I'd read recently.  I can't remember where I read it but some PT blogger wrote that tight hip flexors can cause the hamstrings to tighten up.  I don't know the mechanism behind it but he suggested if the hamstrings were tight to first work on the hip flexors.  I decided that since my hip flexors were so tight it made lying on the flat bench painful, now was the time to see if it worked.  

First I tried to touch my toes.  This didn't go well.  It felt like my hamstrings wanted to spasm and I couldn't get to within 8 inches of my toes.  I then stretched out my hip flexors and tried again.  I was able to close the gap a few inches.  I did a set of bench presses, 135x10 (felt easy and fast and my shoulders didn't ache very much) and then repeated the test, stretch, and test.  Another couple inches closer to my toes.  Another set of bench presses and then another series of test/stretch/test.  One more set of bench presses (for a total of 135x10x3 sets) and a final series of test/stretch/test.   Eureka, I could touch my toes and my hamstrings felt alot looser.  Interesting results.  

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