pre-Halloween squat day

Today's workout was scheduled to be heavy squats, heavy squat assistance work.  My work sets of 405x2 reps X 5 sets went well.  I seemed to get stronger every set and felt just about as fresh after set 5 as I did before I started the workout.  At the same time, it didn't feel like I could've done triples without the third rep slowing to a grind.  I probably should've taken that as a bit of a warning but I was enthused about seeing if I'd continue making progress on heavy quarter squats.

First set with 495 was a debacle because I set the safety bars one setting too low and got pinned.  I unloaded two plates per side and proceeded to barely Anderson squat the 315 so I could set it back in the j-hooks.  I re-loaded the bar to 495, raised the safety bars one setting and then proceeded to grind out a lame set of 3.  What the heck?  Last week 495x5 was easy.  This week it felt like the weight was crushing me and I just couldn't summon any limit power.  I rested and tried again.  This time I got 5 reps but it still didn't feel very solid.  I loaded up 545 anyways.  Last week I got 3 reps, today, the best I could do was a double.

After that puzzling effort with quarter squats, I did two sets of front squats but my back was starting to bark a little so I cut the squatting short and finished up with high rep face pulls.  As surprising as my lack of ooomph in the squat, was the lack of pain or discomfort in my shoulders.   If my next two workouts this week show similar  lack of top end pop, I think I'll have to schedule a de-load for next week.  Looking back at my volumes and intensities, there's nothing to indicate I've been pushing too hard but getting weaker can't be ignored.


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