Squat assistance day

Progress on the leg press continues, was able to handle last leg press workout's top weight much easier and went up to 7 plates a side (315lbs).  Just did 5 reps per leg but it definitely feels like I'm getting better at leg pressing.  While being able to do one leg at a time is a nice benefit, there seems to be a bit of a design flaw.  The individual leg sleds are mounted on two bars and when the loaded up, the bars flex and the sleds wiggle side to side.  It's not very noticeable at 4 or 5 plates a side but at 7, it's a significant distraction.  Not sure how much higher I'll be able to go, single-leg wise.  Hopefully when I have to leg press with the connector pin in, I'll be able to keep my hips down and lumbar flexion to as close to zero as possible.

My next exercise was to be reverse lunges but I had a hard time finding a bar.  Even though the gym was nearly deserted and has 6 half-racks, all of the racks but one appeared to be in use.  As I started to set up for my lunges, some guy on another rack tells me he's using this rack too.  Turns out he's deadlifting in front of one rack and bench pressing in another.  Says he's supersetting them.  Not knowing what kind of cross-fit type bullcrap he was doing, I disgustedly move to another rack that may or may not have been abandoned.  Luckily for me, it was and I was able to do my reverse barbell lunges (the alternative would've been holding dumbells but I preferred the more unstable version using a barbell on the shoulders).  As I did my lunges, I did notice that he was not, in-fact, super-setting anything.  He'd do a set of deadlifts, rest a couple of minutes, and then do a set of bench presses, then rest.  He was also deadlifting the same amount of weight he was bench pressing (155lbs).  And what's with guys that deadlift by lifting a bar off of pins at knee height, backing up two steps and then deadlifting?  Anyways, I try to have patience because everyone is trying their best to improve something, however misguided, but sometimes it's hard.

Vivian has been making some really nice progress in her deadlift form.  When I first taught her the movement, she had alot of trouble retracting her shoulder blades at the finish position.  Now, she's getting normal amounts of mobility and she's making her work sets with 135 lbs look very, very easy.  While she deadlifted, I worked in and did barbell rows.  After that, some high rep face pulls and then off to grocery shop.

Everything is pretty achy and tight so I'm going to schedule a bit of a deload week this coming week and work on getting my hips and back loosened up.  11 weeks out from the Provincials in January.


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