Squats and Barbell Shrugs

After four weeks of following the intermittant fasting meal schedule (16 hrs off/8 hrs on) combined with a slow-carb diet, I'm finding that I've adjusted very well to training on low carbs.  I typically eat my first meal at 12:30 to 1:00 pm, eat again before training around 6:00 pm, and finish with a post-workout meal around 9:00pm.  My sole source of carbohydrates during the day, if any, are about 2/3 cup of cooked lentils or some vegetables like broccoli.  Surprisingly, I've found my energy levels to be very good throughout the process.  I eat one or two heavily carbed meals on saturdays and then resume the slow-carb eating by sunday evening.  All in all, I've managed to drop 9 lbs so far in my quest to get down to 205 lbs by next May 2012.

Today's workout was heavy squats, light overhead presses and a new exercise, heavy barbell shrugs.  For squats, I decided to do singles with short rest intervals, inspired by Jamie Lewis' Chaos and Pain program.  While he programs 15 sets of singles, I decided to start with 10 singles with 1 minute rest. I used 405lbs, a weight I that I have recently handled for 5 sets of 2.  I was able to complete all 10 singles but the last two were more difficult than I would've expected.  The extra work doing a walkout and set up for each single added up but the practice was well worth it.  I also have a pain in my left hip that I'm trying to ignore but it doesn't seem to be going away on its own.  I'm going to have to do some serious lacrosse ball work to see if I can loosen it up.  The combination of the hip pain and my weight loss is starting to eat away at my squat strength.

The light overhead presses were fine, 3 sets of 135 for 6 reps with a 5 second hold at the top of each last rep.  Shoulders felt good after friday's bench pressing.

I decided to add heavy barbell shrugs to today's workout, again inspired by Jamie Lewis' Chaos and Pain program.  I can't remember the last time I did barbell shrugs but I like the idea of trying to fight heavy weights and the potential transfer to both squat walkouts and deadlifts.  I ended up working up to top sets with 455 and while they felt heavy, I think there's alot of opportunity to build strength and will stick with these until I'm handling at least 600 lbs.  That may take months but I've got time.

While working up to my top sets of shrugs, another gym douchebag took plates off my rack.  His stupidity pissed me off but it helped me bang out an extra set with 455 so screw him.

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