Struggling with squat depth

Tried widening my squat stance a few inches to try to get more glutes and hams involved and it didn't go that well.  Vivian was able to video my second set of 2 with 405 and my depth is borderline at best and it felt like I was going down as far as I could.
I dropped the weight for the next three sets and did 365x3 for 3 sets to try to get deeper.  A little frustrating since my squat depth has been progressively getting worse since last January 2011.
Jan 2011, OPA Provincials, I was heavier, 250lbs versus 235 lbs but I was able to get a lot deeper--not that I wanted to squat that deep in a meet, it just happened.

September 2011, good depth, definitely no room to cut them any higher.  Only problem was, I was trying to get deep, not cut it right at the 'break parallel' point.

I may have to go back to the high bar ride and narrow my stance a bit to where I was back in January 2011.    Anyways, with these form issues and the existing remedial strength issues, really not sure what my competition schedule will be like next year.  I'm going to lift at the 2012 100% Raw Toronto Open because it's local but I'm not sure if I'll compete at OPA Provincials or any CPU National meets.  I need more time to get stronger in specific areas and I don't think it'll happen in time to compete in any big meets this year.

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