Christmas Eve Front Squats and Bench Pressing

After dealing with terrible traffic and super crowded malls yesterday, I was looking forward to today's workout in the hopes that the post-workout high would carry me through the remainder of today's shopping chores.

I re-introduced front squats as a solution to easing some of the shoulder pain I've been getting.  I'm hoping that limiting back squats to once a week will give my shoulders a bit of a break.  The front squats will also help with conditioning my upper back and fixing some quad weaknesses.

I started very slowly today but will look to increase the poundages in coming weeks as I get re-acclimated to the front squat groove.

Front Squats:  135x5x3 sets, 185x5x2 sets, 225x5x3 sets

None of the sets were difficult but I could definitely feel stress in supportive muscle groups that weren't used to being worked this way.

Bench presses didn't start off well with my shoulders threatening to bark up a storm.  As I proceeded through my warm up sets, things started to feel a little better so I motored on.  By the end, I had managed to increase workload volumes over last week's numbers and my shoulders didn't feel worse for wear.  I'm cautiously optimistic that this is a sign that I may yet regain the ability to bench press the weights I did last year.

Bench Press:  45x10, 95x10, 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 245x3, 245x1, 265x1, 265x1, 265x1, 245x2, 245x2, 245x2

Finished up with three sets of barbell rows, 225x5 reps and some face pulls.  My lower back was still feeling  Thursday's deficit deadlift workout so I didn't push the rows very hard.  Just wanted to get some reps in to counter the bench press work sets.

Looking forward to some enthusiastic Christmas eating the next two days.  Hopefully the holiday bloat won't seriously de-rail my progress towards the 100kg weight class in mid-February!

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