Deadlifts and slow-carb diet adaptation

After 4 weeks, I'm starting to get used to the feeling of training on low carbs.  Since I usually have at least one meal before my evening workout, it's never actually fasted training but many times, I will have had less than 50 grams of carbs from low-glycemic sources from 1pm until my workout at approximately 8 pm.  My workouts usually last about 75 minutes and for the first 30 minutes or so--when I schedule my main full body lift (squats or deadlifts), I have a strange nervous energy.  After that, things start to hit a bit of a wall but if I keep the pace up, I'm able to power through the rest of the workout. So far, I haven't noticed much of a loss of strength with the 7-8 lbs lost so far.

Today was deadlift and heavy overhead press day.  I also worked in reverse lunges and pendlay rows.  Deadlifts were 5 singles with less than 2 minutes rest between sets.  I used 545 lbs and by the 5th single, I was pretty gassed.  Still, 5 singles with 545 lbs was the most volume I've used in the deadlift in about a year.  It's time to start pushing harder if I'm going to pull weights I pulled when I was younger.  My squat and bench press
(despite still being weak points) are stronger now than they ever were and now I need to get my deadlift to improve.

Reverse lunges continue to improve.  I used 135 lbs for sets of 8,7, and 5 reps with minimal rest between sets.  After lunges and deadlifts, my legs were suitably exhausted.

With last week's overhead press breakthrough back into the 200's, I decided to push my top work set from 185 to 195.  I managed a double with 195 and then did a triple with 185.  In a couple weeks, I'll try to push my top single to 215 lbs.  I've never strict overhead pressed 225 (two wheels per side) so that's my short-term goal.

Finished up with pendlay rows and then face pulls.  The pendlay rows were probably more than I really needed after deadlifts but I'm now sporting some profound fatigue (verging on muscle spasms) in my mid-back so they definitely hit the right spot.


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