Deficit deadlifts and no overhead press PR for me

After taking last week off from deadlifting, I was looking forward to getting back into it today.  Today's plan was 5 sets of 2 off of an approximately 2" deficit (the width of a 45# plate).  Next week will be timed singles off the floor with a heavier weight and the week after that, 5 singles pyramiding up to a gym max and then another off week.

Deficit Deadlifts:  225x3, 315x3, 405x3, 495x2x5 sets.

The last two sets of 2 with 495 were tough.  I'll be honest and say that I do not enjoy heavy pulling at all.  It's my best powerlift by far but it's also the most uncomfortable (not painful) lift for me to do.  Sucking it up to do 5 work sets whether singles or doubles is as much a mental challenge for me as it is a physical one.  I'm now working at training volumes I used to use when I was successfully deadlifting much more weight so I'm expecting some nice PR's come February's competition.

By the way, I found this photograph taken by the meet photographer at the first meet of my 'comeback.'  I had to cut 10 lbs to make the 275lb weight class so by the time this photo was taken, I was probably back up to about 285.  I had been lifting weights again for about 4 months and was down from 299 lbs.  I was 'out of gas' because I was still very out of shape and between cutting weight and sitting through a long meet, getting that 545lb deadlift was all I had left that day.  Although I was very fat, I was fortunate to have "fatguy strength".  While my deadlift was significantly less than what I pull now and far, far below what I had pulled at my best, my squat and bench press were higher than now, since or ever.

That singlet has taken alot of abuse.  I'm still wearing it.  I'm about 240 lbs in the video below from my most recent meet.
606 lb deadlift

After my deadlift work sets, I guessing my core was sufficiently fatigued that I was unable to match or exceed my previous PR in the overhead barbell press. I ended up failing, just barely with 205 for a single.  I dropped the weight to 185 for 4 work sets.

Standing Overhead Barbell Press: 45x10, 95x10, 135x5, 185x2, 205x0, 185x3, 185x2, 185x2, 185x2

Single leg accessory work was limited to three wobbly sets of Dumbbell Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats.  It's amazing I can even walk considering how bad I am at loaded single leg exercises.  If I ever have to run from a T-Rex or a Zombie, I'm gonna be in big trouble.


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