re-building the Bench Press and Squat adjustments

I skipped thursday's deadlift workout, not totally intentionally but it got skipped.  My body took advantage of the extra rest to fully recover from the previous weeks' heavy squatting and pulling workload and things mostly felt better today on high-bar squat and bench press day.

I also brought a new toy to the gym, a new set of bluetooth stereo headphones.  The Motorola S10-HD bluetooth headphones have been on sale at a number of different stores and after dealing with cords and crappy sound from earbuds, I figured a bluetooth headphone set had to be an improvement.  Since I have an unusually large cranium, I have to wear the headphones upside down but they're still comfortable enough.  Sound is actually better than the earbuds I've been using because there's a better seal in the ear and I'm actually able to hear some bass in the music.  Not dealing with a cord is a huge improvement.  Because the headphones have a neckband rather than a headband, they're in the way a bit when I bench press but it's not a deal breaker.
how I drown out the "Bro's"

Anyways, high bar squats went well and I was able to do my prescribed work sets of 365x3 for 3 sets.  I did notice that my left shoulder did not like holding the bar.  I had begun to wonder if my emphasis on back squatting more often might have been influencing my shoulder issues and today, I'm pretty sure I got my answer.  For the near future, I'm going to substitute front squats for high bar squats (better to hit my weak quads anyways) and see if my shoulders start to bark less.  The lighter weights used for front squats will also give my back a break and take some stress off of my hips.  I've come to realize that my very restricted hip internal rotation is starting to cause pain in my external rotators (glutes and stuff) so I'm going to need to do some concentrated lacrosse ball rolling and some mobility work while also relieving some workload.

Bench presses went reasonably well considering my shoulders' discomfort during squats.  I again warmed up to a set of 6 singles done cluster style (less than 1" rest between singles).  I started the cluster with 265 lbs and was able to get three singles before rep speed slowed too much.  I finished with three singles with 245.  Overall, nice progress from last weeks' six singles with 245 and no residual pain.  Next week, I'll try to get all six singles with 265.  Humbling to struggle with 265 since I used to use that weight for a set of 10 less than two years ago but them's the breaks.


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