Revenge of the Deadlift workout

Thursday's deadlift workout kicked my butt pretty good.  I've been profoundly sore--in a good way--but today was high-bar squat day, heavy partial squats, and barbell bench presses. Toronto Rex Powerlifting teammate Mark and Trish Boyle's garage gym was open today so I went over to get in a workout with Mark.  Mark and his wife Trish had recently returned from a multi-week trip in Europe that started with Trish's participation as a member of Team Canada at the IPF World Powerlifting Championships.  It was very inspiring seeing Trish lift via live video feed a number of weeks ago.

Mark complained that he was pretty de-trained after three weeks of sightseeing in Europe but he was game to get back into it.  It was good to get back in the garage where there are round, steel plates, chalk, no mirrors, and no bros.

I had planned on work sets of 365x3 reps for three sets but it was pretty instantly clear that my back was not yet recovered from Thursday's deadlift workout.  I managed to get three sets but only 3,2, and 2 reps.  The heavy partial squats didn't fare much better as I went 365x5, 405x5, and 455x3.  On the plus side, my hips and legs felt great and I'm counting on the adaptation in my back and core to push me to bigger squats in the future.

Barbell bench presses were cut short as my shoulders never really loosened up.  My top set of 245x3 was easy and bar speed was fast but there was just enough pain in my shoulders that I decided to shut it down rather than try to work through it.  I've been procrastinating like a champ but I think I will need to schedule an appointment with an expert to see if there's more that I can do to get back under some decent weight.

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