Richard Talens has an effect.

Richard Talens and Brian Wang are the founders of  To quote an article that included Fitocracy as one of 2011's most exciting NYC startups, "While in college, they realized they had to make a lifestyle change and thus became “addicted to fitness”. Inspired by their experience, the two built a platform that tracks workouts and turns personal fitness into a social game."

I have alot of fun at logging my workouts to accumulate points, quests and challenges.  It gives an extra little bit of motivation to get me through tough workouts or even to the gym at all if I've had a tough day or I'm feeling a little tired.  According to the article mentioned above, the site is having that effect on a lot of people and over 1,000,000 workouts have been logged on the site since the inception of its current platform.

In addition to creating a tool and a community that motivates fitness minded individuals to get their workouts done, I experienced another aspect of their influence today.  Out of the blue, one of the founders, Richard Talens ("dicktalens" on shared a link to my powerlifting blog post about today's workout.  Less than 60 minutes after he had shared the link on his profile, this is what happened to page views on my blog:

Normally about 20-30 people might read or at least land on the page of any given blog entry.  Lots of friends and family and some of my powerlifting friends I'd guess.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't want my entries to get read but I'll be honest, it's just me documenting workouts and telling the story of a 'regular guy' trying to beat back the advances of time and inactivity, or to put it another way, not that interesting.  I'm no yarn-speller although I do hope by writing regularly, I'll manage reduce its sleep inducing qualities.

I think it's super cool that Richard Talens shared my blog post with his community because there's a chance one person out there might be hesitant or unsure about the process to try to regain his or her vitality.  If what I share resonates with that person and it helps them take steps to make a change, then I feel like I'm helping to give back some of the health, vitality, confidence, and strength that I've received through my passion and pursuit of strength and fitness.

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