Squat cluster singles

My planned squat cluster singles didn't go as planned.  It became clear very quickly that my lower back still wasn't recovered from last week's workouts.  I had to drop my weights very early in the cluster and was only able to raise them back up a small amount.  Did manage to do an extra two singles though.  Afterwards, along with my lower back, my calves were pretty trashed.  I guess all that unracking, setting up, and re-racking takes a toll.

Squats:  135x10x2 sets, 225x10, 315x5, 365x3, cluster singles (1" rest between singles) 405/415/415/405/365/365/375/375/380/380/380/380

I bumped up my "light day" work weight in the standing military press.  Felt good, glad that the fatigue affecting my squat workout didn't affect my shoulder pressing.

Military Presses:  45x10, 95x10, 135x5, 155x5, 155x5, 155x5

I also bumped up the weight used for barbell shrugs.  I guess progress on 2/3rds of my workout is still a net positive.

Barbell Shrugs:  315x8, 405x5, 455x5, 495x4, 495x4

Overall a pretty good workout given my bodyweight is still dropping.  I'm trying like heck to hold on to my squat strength but right now, it's pretty clear it's already down from where it was in September when I weighed 12lbs more.  I'm hoping to get down to 220 lbs early enough to hold there and try to gain some strength back in time for February's 100% Raw Toronto Open.  After that, it'll be another push down to 205-210 lbs for a competition in May 2012 (Ontario Powerlifting Association London Open).   For that meet, if I'm successful in making weight for the 93kg (205 lb) class, I'll just be looking to make a total since that will be my lightest competitive bodyweight in over 20 years.

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