Unexpectedly good squat day

I guess last week's workouts must've done me good.  Today was heavy squats, light overhead presses, and barbell shrugs.  The squats felt great from the first warm-up set.  Like last week I was going to do 10 singles with 405 with minimal rest between each single.  I had no idea doing singles that way had a name but according to this article that ran on T-Nation, it's called a cluster set.  Who knew?

Anyways, I ended up doing the 10 singles in just under 12 minutes.  This workout, I just started my stopwatch when I started the first rep and stopped it after I had completed my last single.  So, when you figure in the time spent un-racking, lifting, and re-racking the weights, my average rest between singles was less than 1 minute.  I counted time differently last week, basically only timing the rest period at approx 1 minute but not counting the time spent actually under the bar.  After comparing the two schemes, I like the running clock version better as it does a better job of creating an extended rest-pause set due to the shorter rest intervals.  Next week I'm going to try the same 10 single cluster with 415.  After the 10 singles, I still felt good so I did 3 sets of 3 with 365 to get some additional volume.

Overhead presses were next and 3 sets of 8 with 135 felt very comfortable.  I'm optimistic I'll be able to try to push for a new 1 RM on heavy day Thursday.

I didn't go as heavy this week with barbell shrugs, instead doing 3 sets of 7 reps with 405 and trying to get a good range of motion.  Finished up with hammer curls and face pulls.  Overall an excellent workout and a welcome surprise.  One reason I don't like following a pre-programmed routine is they fail to take advantage of 'good days'.  I question whether there really is any 'magic' in the various sets and progressions of the popular schemes of the day (sheiko/smolov/5x5/etc) or if it's really just a matter of putting in the work.

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