Deadlift training and another shirt story

After looking forward to this week's deadlift training day and going to bed last night almost as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve (OK, maybe I'm over-selling it a little), I had so little energy when I left the office tonight that I was seriously trying to talk myself into scheduling a "light" week and going heavier next week. As I sat at home and waged a bit of an internal war, I decided that I had to lift something heavy tonight even if I felt tired.  It wasn't any sort of determination or decision to "suck it up", I just realized even my planned "heavy day" wasn't a ton of volume so I didn't have much I could cut from it.

Luckily the gym was nearly empty due to a light dusting of snow today so I didn't have to wait for a rack or for one of the two competition bars.  I did have to use a rack in front of a mirror.  That wouldn't pose a problem for deadlifts since I could block the lower part of  the mirrors with some mats but it would be an issue for overhead presses later.

By chance I happened to be wearing my second most favorite workout shirt.  This was an added plus since I was already lacking for energy at the inception of my workout.  It's a shirt, actually one of two, that I bought from an In N Out Burger location in Las Vegas.  Being from California, In N Out Burger is as much a part of my identity as Tim Horton's would be for a Canadian.  Not being able to indulge in a Double/Double (the In N Out version) whenever I want is torture for my soul.  There is now a Five Guys in Toronto but it's no substitute for In N Out.
Double Double Animal Style, the one true Food
Wearing my In N Out Burger T-shirt takes me to the happy place.  Since the shirts have an iron-on transfer on the back, I don't wear them to squat for fear the knurling on the bar will damage the transfer.  They're a deadlift shirt only.   It was pure serendipity that my In N Out burger shirt was on top of the stack for today's workout.
My second best workout shirt, "game worn"
So, after indulging in some soft-core food porn nostalgia, it was time to deadlift.  My heavy day was planned out to be singles to test the hook grip and then three sets of barbell shrugs using the floor pick-up.  Everything went very well.  I tested a heavier single than last week that moved very smoothly and the grip was ultra-secure.  I raised the weight on my floor pick-up barbell shrugs by 20 lbs and then finished with two more sets with lighter weight.

Deadlifts:  225x5, 315x3, 405x3, 495x1, 545x1, 565x1, all with hook grip
Deadlift to Barbell Shrugs:  515x5, 515x5, 515x5, 405x10, 405x10

The deadlift to barbell shrug combo is much tougher than I thought it would be.  After two weeks, the combo is definitely a keeper.

It was a light day for overhead presses but my biggest issue was doing them in front of a mirror.  I've managed to go mirror free and "movements not muscles" for so long that seeing myself pressing in the mirror was super distracting.  Seeing some idiot right in front of me doing the exact same thing as me was irritating; it was like when you see a mime busking at a park and they start doing what you do.  If I didn't look at him (me), I ended up looking up which didn't help and I couldn't look down.  I ended up watching myself but doing two things at once (watching someone lift while trying to lift something) really sucked.  It's a good thing the weights were not supposed to be challenging.

Overhead Presses:  45x10, 95x10, 135x5, 155x5x5 sets

I finished up with dumbbell rows to work my grip.  Despite the grip taking a beating from deadlifts, I managed to slightly improve my repetition count from last week.

Next week's deadlift week is a scheduled de-load so I won't have to wear a special shirt or self-talk myself into doing the work.  And I'm definitely waiting for the racks not facing the mirrors.

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