I was wrong about yesterday

Despite feeling like yesterday's workout didn't do anything, it did.  I'm sore everywhere today.  I've just got to trust that if I'm doing the work that my body will adapt and get stronger. You'd think I'd know this already, seeing as how I've been weight training for over 17 years spread out over the past 31 and competing in powerlifting for about 7 of those 31 years.   Better late than never.

This weekend I had looked forward to watching the live internet streams of two key powerlifting competitions:  Raw Unity 5 and the Ontario Provincials.  Raw Unity manages to attract an excellent roster of the top raw lifters in North America while the Ontario Provincials (Ontario Powerlifting Association) is my main competitive federation.  Two of my Toronto Rex Powerlifting Club teammates, Mark and Trish Boyle are lifting at Provincials with designs on competing at the Canadian Powerlifting Union Classic Nationals this March.

Unfortunately for me, both competitions had technical issues.  The live feed for Raw Unity worked, sort of.  Apparently there were bandwidth issues so if you could tolerate it, the feed would work in fits and starts.  If you were lucky, you managed to see an actual lift in between frozen screen buffering periods.  I could handle about 5 minutes of that at a time.  It reminded me of the dial-up internet days when seeing videos on the internet was more a fantasy than a reality.  The situation was worse for the Ontario Powerlifting Association Provincial Championships.  Apparently they couldn't get the feed to work at all from the hotel so I've been completely in the dark on how my teammates have been doing.

It's a bit of gift horse mouth inspecting since seeing live internet feeds of powerlifting competitions wasn't a luxury even available a few short years ago.  One gets spoiled so easily and after being able to watch so many other great competitions as they occur, I really missed the ability to do so this weekend.

Mark Boyle taunts iron karma by curling in the Squat rack 

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